About Solar Energy

Solar energy is a clean renewable energy source that saves money and precious resources.  Installing grid-tied solar panels at home, customers enjoy all the benefits of being connected to an electric utility but eliminate or significantly reduce their electric bill.

Photovoltaic (PV or Solar) panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. PV technology is the ultimate source of electric power for the 21st century, utilizing a clean renewable source and counteracting global warming.  The panels are made of silicon and have no moving parts.  In simple terms, when light hits the panels, electrons are created for electricity. PV panels look and act differently than solar water panels.  The sleek panels are high tech looking.  The only maintenance necessary is an optional cleaning now and then to remove dust build-up.

Current rebates and tax credits for grid tied systems significantly reduce the cost of installing solar.   Most residential customers will pay their systems off within 10 years. Solar energy for business pays off in 5-7 years with rebates, tax credits and the advantage of using accelerated depreciation on federal taxes.  The warranty on solar panels is 25 years and they will last for thirty to fifty years. 

The bottom line:  Customers can potentially eliminate their electric bill and their carbon footprint by going solar!