Why should I invest in solar when the pay off could be 10-12 years for my house?

By that logic you shouldn’t purchase a house because it will take you 30 years to pay off. Like your house, a solar system will keep and increase its value as energy costs rise. Think about it. You will pay for electricity one way or another. Why not lock in your cost and invest in your own future with solar? There is absolutely no pay-off or return on investment for the money you shell out every month to the electric company and solar increases the value of your home or business.

What if I move before the system is paid off?

If you do move you will re-coup the cost of the solar by raising the selling price of your home. According to Wells Fargo Bank, for every dollar a solar system saves in electricity per year, it raises the value of your home twenty dollars. That’s 20 to 1! Our smallest system saves $1000/year and raises the value of the home $20,000.

Wells Fargo Solar Report

What if my neighbors complain about how the panels look?

If you look at air conditioners, telephone wires, satellite dishes and electric wires, none of them are very attractive. We accept them because of the wonderful technology they bring us. At Harmony Solar we think solar panels are great-looking and you will too, when you see how much money they save you. The sleek, high-tech looking panels lie flat on the roof while producing clean, green energy. What they do for your pocket book and the environment is very attractive too.

What about my Homeowners Association and the Building Department?

Laws have been passed in California that prevent the obstruction of installing solar energy based on aesthetic reasons. Even Homeowners Associations must accept solar installations now. Harmony Solar will work with clients to make the panels as discreet as possible but most Harmony Solar customers end up wanting everyone to see their panels after they are installed!

Your Solar Rights

Solar is so expensive, shouldn’t I wait until the technology is cheaper?

It is possible that there will be a cheaper, better technology in the future but how much money will you pay your utility company in the meantime? More than likely, it will be more money than you save on the new technology. The time is now to make an environmental impact and invest in green energy.

Doesn’t PGE pay money for extra energy generated by solar panels?

The short answer is no, not at this time. While the sun is shining, the panels are producing energy that feed back into the grid and spin your electric meter backward, building a credit. At night as you use power from the grid, the meter spins forward. So you receive credit day to day. PGE will true up with customers every 12 months and if you generate more than you use at that time, you won’t receive anything for that. That’s why it is very important to size the system accurately.