Grid-Tied Solar

With a Grid-Tied Solar Electric System there is no change in the customer’s lifestyle. The electricity still comes from the utility company and is available night and day.

Solar electric systems consist of a PV array generating DC electricity and an inverter, which converts the DC power to standard AC electricity compatible with the electric needs of homes and businesses.  Systems are tied to the grid and when light hits the panels, electricity is created and sent back into the grid spinning the customer’s electric meter backward, creating a dollar credit.  At night the meter will spin forward and with a correctly sized system, these credits and debits will even out at the end of a calendar year and the customer will not have an electric bill.  Utility companies offer time-of-use meter options that can greatly affect the size and design of the solar system based on the customer’s electric usage style.  Grid tied solar without batteries are the most economical designs.


Here is a sample bid for a customer who pays around $300/month in electric costs: