Additional Information on BP Solar Products

The BP Solar product line includes the world's highest efficiency monocrystalline, the most cost-effective polycrystalline, and the most advanced thin film technology available.

BP Solar products are designed and constructed to provide first class performance and reliability. BP Solar’s world-class engineers are constantly improving products to better meet the growing demand for solar.  BP Solar Panels are put through rigorous internal tests and international certifications.

BP Solar products have an unmatched track record in the field, operating for over 30 years in a variety of applications and climates worldwide. Some features include:

Heavy Duty Frames
Corrosion resistant frames are constructed to withstand wind speeds in excess of 200Km/h (125 mph) in typical ground mounted applications. The frames are available in clear anodized (silver) or bronze anodized (dark bronze) finishes.

  • Tempered Low Iron Glass
    For BP’s crystalline product, tempered low iron glass provides both better impact resistance and better light transmission, allowing the generation of more electricity.
  • EVA Encapsulation
    Decades of experience show clear encapsulated insulation enhances solar cell performance and provides proven weathering protection.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
    Increases the efficiency of our modules by reducing the quantity of light that is reflected away from the module.
  • Reliable Outside Bussing
    BP Solar’s proven module design puts bus bars outside frame and cell areas, improving module reliability.
  • Industry Leading Warranty
    BP Solar offers an unmatched power warranty of up to 25 years. BP is one of the world's largest energy companies, and will be here to support their products every step of the way.
  • International Safety Certifications
    UL, FM, and TUV certifications ensure BP products operate safely around the world and comply with electrical and fire safety codes.
  • Quick Connect DC Connectors
    Another great attribute of BP Solar Panels are the Quick Connect DC Connectors. These innovative connectors make wiring modules together easy, speeding installation, eliminating