Solar Rebates

California Solar Initiative (CSI) Rebates are available currently through the CPUC and are scheduled to decrease over time based on the number of solar systems installed in California.  There are two types of rebates currently available.

  • Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB) Incentives: For systems less than 100 kW, the incentive amount is will be paid a one-time incentive payment.
  • Performance Based Incentives (PBI): System larger than 100 kW will be paid on actual energy produced on a monthly basis for 5 years. The maximum incentive provided is for 1 MW (although customers may install up to 5 MW). Customers with any system size may also opt into PBI.

CSI incentives differ by customer segment and system size, and are intended to encourage high performing systems. CSI incentives will be disbursed based on current rates until market demand pushes the program to the next step, in which case incentives are reduced. For instance, once 70 MW of solar energy systems are installed in California, incentives will drop from $2.50 per watt to $2.20 per watt. This rebate is based on the AC watt size of the system.  Once another 100 MW of solar energy systems are installed, incentives will drop to $1.90 per watt..  Incentive amounts will decline according to schedules set by each program, declining to zero by 2017. Harmony Solar will keep you up to date on the current rebate tier.

Government and Non-profit Entities are eligible for higher rebate amounts.  Call Harmony Solar for the latest information.

For detailed information on the California Solar Initiative Rebate Program go to:

Solar Tax Credits

Currently there is a 30% federal tax credit available for the installation of solar.  However, the credit for residential systems is capped at $2000.00.  Business may use the entire 30% credit and are eligible to use accelerated depreciation to pay for the system.

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